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The abdomen is one of the most common body areas that change as you get older. Weight gain and pregnancy, combined with genetics and lifestyle, can all impact the tone and appearance of your stomach. Both men and women can struggle to reshape and flatten their abdomen. Tummy tuck plastic surgery is a group of procedures that can remove excess skin, fat and tissue from the midsection and tighten the abdomen muscles and skin. Our team at Maia Plastic Surgery offers a variety of tummy tuck options for patients at our clinic in Tysons Corner, VA.

Dr. Munique Maia is a highly respected plastic surgeon who has built her excellent reputation on providing natural-looking, flattering results for her patients. Fellowship trained and board certified, Dr. Maia has the experience and expertise you want when considering any type of plastic surgery. If your abdomen is flabby and sagging due to loose skin, excess fat and stretched muscles, Dr. Maia can help you find the right tummy tuck plastic surgery to reshape, flatten and tighten your midsection.

Reshape and Tighten Your Midsection

The skin and muscles of the abdomen can stretch during pregnancy or when anyone gains excessive weight. In some cases, the skin and muscles refuse to contract back to their previous state when excess weight is lost. Whether you have birthed children or lost a significant amount of weight, you may need plastic surgery to reshape and tighten your midsection. Some of the procedures we offer at Maia Plastic Surgery include:

You can have a flatter, tighter abdomen again after weight loss or post-pregnancy. To learn more about our tummy tuck plastic surgery options, contact our practice in the greater Washington, DC, metropolitan area to schedule a consultation with Dr. Maia.


During surgery, a horizontal incision is made from approximately hip bone to hip bone, and a small incision around the belly button. Total incision length and shape depends on the amount of excess skin. Dr. Maia will then remove excess skin and soft tissue and repair or tighten the abdominal muscles. Tummy Tuck can also be combined with liposuction around the flanks and hips to give you a lean appearance with natural-looking contours. If you have stretch marks and scars from prior surgeries, such as a caesarean section or appendectomy, Dr. Maia may be able to arrange your skin and tissue to eliminate them. Sutures, clips, tape, and/or skin adhesives may be used to secure the incisions together.

First days after a Tummy Tuck:

Tummy tuck is usually an outpatient procedure, and patients go home a few hours after surgery. Because a tummy tuck involves surgery on the abdominal muscles, recovery can take more time than other procedures.

Discomfort and mild pain are to be expected during the first week or so. Light walk around the house is encouraged to maintain healthy circulation.

After and before the procedure, Dr.Maia and our Team will give you detailed instructions for keeping the area clean and well-maintained for proper healing.


Health and fitness levels can determine how quickly you heal. If you have a desk job, you should be able to go back to work in about 10 to 14 days. However, if your job is physically demanding and involves strenuous activities such as lifting, it may take up to six weeks before you are able to go back to work.

All throughout the recovery period, Dr.Maia should be consulted to know what can and can’t be done.

Our office provides close patient’s care 7 days a week throughout the healing process.


Tummy tuck incision will leave a horizontal scar along your lower abdomen. In most cases, the scar can be hidden under the bikini bottom or a pair of underwear. The scar will fade over time.

How to reduce scar’s visibility?

Although scarring is inevitable, there are steps you can take prior and after surgery to minimize scars’ visibility.

  • Select a reputable surgeon with the experience and expertise necessary to perform the procedure.
  • Take good care of yourself: quit smoking, stay active, and ensure your diet is well-balanced – prior and after the surgery. That will reduce the risk of complications.
  • Follow your surgeon’s post-surgical guidelines: you will be advised to apply certain products that can improve the size, color, and texture of your scars. You will be educated on post-surgical care during your initial consultation, and in greater detail, during your pre-op appointment.

Recovery tips:

  • Take time off! Clear off your schedule for the next 2-3 weeks before returning to work.
  • Adjust your sleeping position to avoid putting tension on your stomach. Prop yourself up with pillows or settle into a reclining chair.
  • Go for light walks! Gentle movements are your friend and can speed up your recovery and minimize the complications.
  • Be patient! Tummy tuck results don’t appear overnight. It will take time for swelling to subside.


"I've had a Phenomenal experience with Dr. Munique Maia. I was scheduled for my abdominoplasty quickly after my first consultation. Dr. Maia made me feel more comfortable with my decision to do the procedure. The staff were amazing and I am beyond pleased with the results and I am thankful for her care. Throughout the whole experience I felt safe and benefited from the catering to my needs. My recovery has been great and I'm excited with my new look.I highly recommend Dr. Maia and value her opinion on future needs."
"Dr. Maia is an exceptional doctor who clearly explained the procedures step-by-step. Alana answered my questions as well each time I visited the office. My recovery went as expected. After my abdominoplasty, I was pain free after just a couple of days. The swelling was reduced after just a couple of weeks. I am so eased by the results as I have wanted to do this for myself for over twenty years. I wish I had not waited so long. I would recommend Dr.Maia to any friend or relative who is considering a procedure. I will seek her help if I need a procedure in the future."

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