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The septum is the wall of cartilage and bone that separates the two nasal passages in the nose structure. When the septum shifts off-center, it can impact the airway of the nasal passages. Patients with a deviated septum can experience difficulty breathing, snoring and sinus issues. At Maia Plastic Surgery, we offer septoplasty, or surgery for a deviated septum, at our medical center in Tysons Corner in the Washington, DC, metro area.

A variety of issues can cause a deviated septum. Injuries to the nose are a common cause of septum damage that can create a crooked nose or deviated septum. Previous nose job surgery can result in a damaged septum that can shift out of place. Some deviated septum issues are congenital or present at birth. Regardless of the cause, if a deviated septum is causing health issues or a cosmetic concern, it can be repaired through plastic surgery.

Septoplasty or Septum Repair Surgery

Dr. Munique Maia is a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in performing nose reconstruction, cosmetic and repair surgery, including septoplasty for a deviated septum. Repairing a deviated septum can include reshaping and grafting bone and cartilage to create even nasal passages to improve nose and breathing function. Septoplasty can be performed solely for functional purposes or as part of a rhinoplasty or nose reshaping procedure. Many patients with a deviated septum use this opportunity to make functional and cosmetic improvements to their nose.

If you suffer from breathing problems, snoring or chronic sinusitis caused by a deviated septum, get relief with septoplasty. Dr. Maia at Maia Plastic Surgery can perform your septoplasty with or without cosmetic nose surgery at our clinic in Tysons Corner, VA. Contact our plastic surgery practice today to schedule your nose surgery consultation with Dr. Maia.

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