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Did you know that few sets of breasts are completely symmetrical? It is common for breasts to be slightly different in size or shape. However, for most women, these differences are minimal and not noticeable. When one breast is substantially different than the other, it can impact the appearance and affect the balance of the upper body. Maia Plastic Surgery in Tysons Corner, VA, offers breast asymmetry correction that can help achieve a more balanced and attractive set of breasts.

Dr. Maia is a top cosmetic breast and fellowship trained plastic surgeon. If you are unhappy with the symmetry of your breasts, she will take the time to listen to your concerns and discuss the cosmetic surgery options available to achieve the look you desire. Whether you want only to increase the size or change the shape of one breast to match the other, or want to enhance both to different dimensions, Dr. Maia can find the right solution to meet your expectations.

Reshaping and Resizing Uneven Breasts

Distinct differences in the size, shape or nipples of two breasts are not uncommon. While most are slight, some differences can be quite noticeable. For some women, one breast can be a different cup size than the other, making it difficult to find bras that fit. One breast can be more tubular and the other rounder. With breast asymmetry correction, the goal is to determine the desired shape and size for both breasts and reshape them to appear as close to identical as possible. Some techniques that Dr. Maia may use to achieve breast symmetry include:

  • Breast lift
  • Nipple reshaping
  • Breast implants in one or both breasts
  • Breast reshaping
  • Fat transfers for natural augmentation

Dr. Maia has achieved excellent, natural-looking results for her breast surgery patients that need breast asymmetry correction. If you want to explore plastic surgery to create balanced, symmetrical breasts, contact us at Maia Plastic Surgery in Tysons Corner, VA. We can schedule a personal breast surgery consultation at our clinic in the Washington, DC, area.

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