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Pregnancy and childbirth are an incredible journey that can bring so many blessings to a woman’s life. However, if cesarean section delivery is necessary, it can also leave behind a scar that is not a welcomed side effect. C-section incisions can be very noticeable if they do not heal as expected, especially when wearing a bikini or during intimate moments. If you are interested in C-section scar removal, Maia Plastic Surgery offers advanced treatments to hide and minimize your abdomen scar at our clinic in Tysons Corner, VA.

Most C-section scars heal well – the skin is looser after pregnancy, allowing the skin to heal without tension. However, every woman is different, and there are C-section scars that can be larger or more pronounced than others. Some become hypertrophic or raised, while other may widen or indent. If a C-section scar is noticeable and impacts the appearance of the tummy, there are treatments or plastic surgery procedures that can reduce the size or move its location.

Options for C-Section Scar Treatment

If the cesarean incision was below the panty line, it is easy to hide the scar. However, when the scar widens or if it is above the panty line, it is visible when wearing a bikini or certain clothes. In order to fade a C-section scar, laser skin treatments are useful, but there will still be some evidence of the scar. For hypertrophic or very noticeable scars, more advanced treatments or revision surgery may be required.

C-section scars can be lowered and hidden below the panty line. This is usually performed with a tummy tuck to flatten and tighten the abdomen, but it can also be performed as a solo procedure.

If you want to minimize the appearance of your C-section scar, contact us at Maia Plastic Surgery today at our medical center in the Washington, DC area to book your appointment with Dr. Maia. Dr. Munique Maia is a board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon who offers a wide variety of treatment and surgical options for scar removal and revision.

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