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The eyes say a lot about a person. You do not want those in your orbit of influence to get the wrong impression about you. From looking tired to signs of aging, how your eyes look can determine how you are treated by others, and how you feel about yourself. While these issues are often dictated by genetics, health issues, lifestyle and the natural effects of aging, you do not have to live with an undesirable aesthetic.

Under-eye filler is a treatment that is usually recommended for patients who suffer from dark hollows under the eyes. The darkness that you see is either the result of lost volume or pigmentation. In the case of the latter, under-eye filler is not a viable treatment option. At Maia Plastic Surgery, we can use this non-invasive solution to restore volume, so your eyes lose that constantly tired look.

Dr. Maia is an accomplished plastic surgeon who is passionate about facilitating safe treatment solutions. Although more permanent surgical treatments are available to improve facial aesthetics, some patients prefer a more conservative approach. You do not need to take drastic measures to achieve your beauty goals with options such as under-eye filler.

Tear Trough Filler

Tear trough filler is an alternative name for this treatment option. Dr. Maia and her team are dedicated to using the most advanced filler solutions on the market. We are always open to exploring new innovations for the benefit of our patients. Various dermal fillers have applications for enhancing the appearance of the eyes. It is essential that injectable tear trough fillers are administered by a trained and experienced plastic surgeon.

Beauty therapists may offer tear trough fillers as a treatment. However, many of these individuals do not have the knowledge of facial anatomy necessary to ensure client safety. It is therefore recommended that you seek consultation with a reputable and qualified plastic surgeon. As a board-certified, Harvard fellowship-trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Maia has the credentials and experience to safely administer tear trough filler.

Maia Plastic Surgery is committed to excellence in the products and services we provide. Tear trough filler is a cost-effective solution for tired eyes that does not typically result in downtime. There is little risk of bruising and swelling, although these issues are easily disguised with a light makeup application until symptoms subside. The benefits of tear trough filler are visible immediately after treatment. You can get back to life as normal as soon as you leave the Maia Plastic Surgery offices, confident in the knowledge that your eyes look younger and more vibrant.

Under-Eye Filler Consultation

Before we recommend under-eye fillers to improve facial aesthetics, you will need to take part in a consultation at our Maia Plastic Surgery offices. The purpose of a consultation with Dr. Maia is to determine whether you are a good candidate for this treatment. As mentioned previously, under-eye fillers will not improve the appearance of hollows if the issue is the result of pigmentation.

We are committed to ensuring that the recommended treatment options will produce the desired outcomes. As such, consultation is the ideal way to discuss viable treatment options with our patients and agree on the most effective techniques and procedures. Our focus is always on providing you with affordable products and services. To that end, Dr. Maia offers honest advice throughout your journey.

Contact Maia Plastic Surgery today if you believe that under-eye fillers could solve your cosmetic problem. We look forward to helping you enjoy life with an aesthetic that displays confidence, youth and portrays a more disarming you.

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