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The upper arms can become larger and smaller during your lifetime, stretching the skin and tissue. While you can tone and build muscles in the upper arm, it does not affect the firmness of the skin. Hanging skin and tissue on the upper arm is a common issue that requires body plastic surgery to remove. At Maia Plastic Surgery, we offer brachioplasty, or arm lift surgery, to address flabby tissue and skin on the upper arms at our clinic in Tysons Corner, VA.

Weight gain/loss, genetics, lifestyle and aging can all factor into the composition of the upper arm skin and tissue. If your arms were larger in size due to weight gain, muscle or fat, and then you lose size in your arms, the skin may not shrink with the tissue underneath. Skin loses elasticity with age, and it is common to have loose skin or fat that can hang under the upper arms. An arm lift removes the excess skin and fat, and then tightens under the upper arm for a more appealing appearance.

Upper Arm Liposuction

Loose skin and fat on the upper arms are a common complaint. The hanging tissue is often called a “bat wing.” Once skin is stretched and loses its elasticity, it no longer will have the same firm appearance. With brachioplasty, a discreet incision can be made to access the upper arm tissue. Depending on the extent of laxity, fat and excess skin, different techniques can be used to improve the firmness and reduce the circumference of the upper arm. Upper arm liposuction, removal of excess skin and tightening can be performed to eliminate bat wings and create svelte, youthful arms.

If you have loose skin and tissue on your upper arms, a brachioplasty can rejuvenate your arms for a more attractive appearance. To enjoy the freedom of wearing sleeveless clothing without worrying about your “bat wings”, contact us at Maia Plastic Surgery. We can schedule an arm lift surgery consultation with Dr. Maia at our clinic in the greater Washington, DC, metro area.

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