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Testimonials Tysons, VA

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XxNeverland Xx

Dr. Maia is PHENOMENAL! Not only is she incredibly skilled at her craft, but her professionalism and ability to put me at ease (before, during and after procedure) was unprecedented. Dr. Maia is definitely a top-tier master in cosmetic surgery. Immediately upon entering, I was greeted by a warm and compassionate staff that made me feel very welcomed and relaxed. It was wonderful and all my initial nervousness quickly faded. The actual appointment and time spent with Dr. Maia was also very relaxing and comfortable. She carries a wit and humor that makes you feel instantly at ease, while also retaining the professionalism that is required to discuss sensitive topics such as cosmetic surgery. She is also very honest in her feedback. She listens and fully understands the results that are desired. She is extremely skilled and knows exactly what to do to give her patients the look they desire. I had botox, blepharoplasty and neck/jawline lipo and I am thrilled with the results! I am so happy with the entire experience! From beginning to end! I will definitely be returning to Dr. Maia for any and all future cosmetic procedures. She is, hands down, the best.

Kimberly D.

Dr. Maia is very passionate about her patients and creating the aesthetic look they desire. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in her services.

Julia M.

Love it! The girls are so adorable and Doctor Maia is very attentious, kind and professional.

H S.

My experience with Dr. Maia could not have been better. Being new to cosmetic surgery, and the fact that it involved my face, naturally made me very nervous. She was the fourth doctor I met with and I knew after 20 minutes that she would be the surgeon I would go with. I liked her approach which was a goal of giving me a refreshed look and the fact that she had patients that I could talk to if I had any concerns or questions. No other doctor offered up their patients to talk to. My procedure was limited to my jaw line and my neck. This was two procedures and they came out beautifully. Most people thought I just lost a weight and I did tell my friends I had work done (I have nothing to hide and I’m not embarrassed by it). They were all blown away at the results and most of my friends saw me a couple of weeks after the procedure. Even a few weeks after the surgery you really could not see any of the incision sites. I just looked a little swollen but that went down in a very reasonable amount of time. All said I can not recommend Dr Maia any more strongly. She was thorough in her explanations, really put me at ease, has a great process, and her staff is also excellent! There are a lot of cosmetic surgeons in this area and you have to do your due diligence. But I highly recommend Dr. Maia be on your list - the top of your list. You will not be disappointed.

Eliane A.

Dr. Maia and her staff are amazing. I’ve had multiple treatments with her, Botox, filler, and I already recommend her to many of my friends and will continue to do so to anyone thinking about get any kind of procedures. I also want to give a highlighter to her medical assistant, Alana, which is extremely kind and helpful. They are the best

Ellen W.

Dr Maia is wonderful! She was my surgeon following my bilateral mastectomy for breast reconstruction. She is a true artist!! I’m and so very pleased with the results. I would recommend her for any procedure.

Auristela M.

I had Dysport with Dr. Maia and her and her staff were amazing!!! I am definitely coming back for a rhinoplasty consultation and for more procedures. I recommend her to everyone !!

Jaline C.

I Recommend Dr. Maia with my eyes closed, she is amazing, very professional and competent.

Diogo N.

I am not the kind of person who likes to write reviews, but this time it’s more the worth it. I’ve been following Dr. Maia on Instagram for a while now and was very impressed with her work, from surgical to non-surgical. I contacted the office because I was concerned about some spots that appeared on my skin and I also wanted to improve my skin overall appearance. I purchased some products from her line and other products that the staff recommend and so far I am loving it. Everything was shipped to me in no time. I can’t wait to have my appointment with Dr. Maia and also take my boyfriend for a chin liposuction procedure. I totally recommend Dr.Maia and her products to anyone interested in any kind of cosmetic procedures. Dr. Maia and her staff are amazing!

Rachel H.

Amazing! Dr Maia was so helpful and explained every step of the procedure. She listened to all my questions and I’m so happy with my results. Her staff was very friendly and welcoming! I got under eye filler with Botox in my crows feet and frown lines. I saw immediate improvement with the under eye fillers! I also ended up purchasing some of the skin care at the recommendation of her staff! Definitely try her out.

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