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The neck can change drastically as you age, with lines, wrinkles and sagging, along with pronounced neck muscles. Too many people ignore the neck and only focus on facial rejuvenating procedures, until they realize their neck no longer matches their face in age. A neck lift can address excess and sagging skin, creating a firmer, youthful neckline. At Maia Plastic Surgery, we offer rejuvenating neck lift surgery at our medical center in the Washington, DC metro area.

The neck is very prone to aging. Horizontal lines can occur as the skin loses elasticity, and eventually, there can be loose skin below the chin and down the neck. This aging of the neck can resemble a turkey wattle, the flap of skin below the turkey’s beak, and it is often referred to as such. While a facelift will tighten the jawline and portions of the upper neck, it does not remove skin and tighten the whole neck. Only a neck lift surgery can remove the turkey wattle and tighten the neck for a more youthful appearance.

Lower Rhytidectomy or Neck Rejuvenation

A rhytidectomy, or facelift, starts at the upper neck and lifts the jowls of the lower face. A lower rhytidectomy, or neck lift surgery, lifts and tightens the neck from the upper neck down. Often, facelift and neck lift surgery are performed together, completing a full rejuvenation of the neck and lower face. This can create a cohesive and natural appearance for the patient, especially if the neck has loose skin, lines and wrinkles.

If your neck is beginning to give away your age, keep the turkey wattle at bay with a rejuvenating neck lift surgery. To learn more, contact us at our Tysons Corner, VA, practice in the Washington, DC, area. We can schedule a private consultation with Dr. Munique Maia to discuss facelift and neck lift options.

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