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New Specials
Mother's Day and May Specials
May 16th and 19th
  • $100 off each syringe of filler (minimum of 2 syringes)
  • $16 $13 per unit of botox (minimum of 40 units)
For the entire month of May:
  • 15% off skincare orders using the code 15OFF > SHOP HERE
  • $3,000 for 3 sessions of Morpheus8 Skin Tightening ($1,500 Off!)
  • $2,100 for 3 sessions of PRP Microneedling for hair or skin ($1,500 Off!)
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  • Free Skincare Consultation
  • by coordinator
  • Emsculpt special and Free trials
  • Save up to 50% on EmSculpt packages and include 20,000 contractions in a single 30 minute session to sculpt and tone your muscles
  • This treatment requires no down time

Contact our office for more details and to schedule your free Emsculpt consultation

Skin Treatment & Facial Rejuvenation Pricing
Botox - $16 per unit
  • Forehead- 10-20 units
  • Glabella (between eyebrows) – 20-40 units
  • Crow’s Feet – 20-30 units
  • Brow Lift – 8-12 units
  • Masseter – 30-50 units
  • Neck – 50 units
Dysport -$7 per unit

Same areas require twice as many units as Botox treatment

Different areas of the face require varying amount of units

Dermal Fillers- Hyaluronic Acid Fillers
  • Versa - $800 per syringe
  • Restylane - $800 per syringe (lasts 12-18 months)
  • Voluma - $1000 per syringe (lasts 2 years)
Peri-oral/Marionette Lines
  • Defyne or Vollure - $800 per syringe
Under Eye
  • Restylane-L - $1000 per syringe
Nasolabial Fold
  • Versa - $800 per syringe
  • Juvederm - $800 per syringe
  • Defyne or Vollure - $800 per syringe (lasts 12-18 months)
  • Kysse or Verse Lips - $800 per syringe
Nose/Non-surgical Rhinoplasty
  • Restylane Lyft - $1200 per syringe
Skin Treatments
Microneedling with Esthetician
  • $400 per session
  • $960 for package of 3 sessions
Microneedling with PRP for Face/PRP for Hair
  • $1200 per session
  • $2880 for package of 3 sessions
Microneedling with Radiofrequency
  • $1500 per session
  • $3600 for package of 3 sessions
Laser Treatments
  • PicoSure - $450 per area ( face, neck or chest)
  • CO2 :
    • $5,600 for 1st area
    • $2,500 for 2nd area
    • $2,000 for 3rd area
    • $1,800 for 1 session peri-oral area or
      $3,600 for package of three sessions
Chemical Peels
  • Glycolic, Retinol, or Jessner Peel: $250 - $350
  • VI Peel - $425 - $475
  • TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) - $1000
Surgery Pricing
Upper Eyelid Lift ( Blepharoplasty )
  • Regular Fee $4650
Natural Breast Augmentation
  • Regular Fee $8641
Neck Liposuction
  • Regular Fee $4650
Call for pricing on other procedures
(703) 574-4500
New Skincare Services at Maia Plastic Surgery!
Microneedling + Peels
  • Microneedling: A retexturizing treatment that produces brighter, firmer skin with a glow. This treatment helps to stimulaye collagen production.
    • 45 mins|$400 or 3 sessions for $960
  • Glycolic Peel: A light chemical peel that removes dead skin and uneven tones and textures. This peel promotes anti-aging and cell turnover.
    • 30 mins|$250
  • Protein Rich Retinol Peel: This retexturizing medium-deep peel encourages cell turnover, plumps the skin, and has anti-aging benefits.
    • 30 mins|$250
  • Jessner Peel: This medium deep peel targets hyperpigmentation of the skin, large pores, and acne scarring.
    • 30 mins|$350

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    Our Patient Reviews

    Maia Plastic Surgery

    4.9 / 5.0

    Based on 86 reviews

    Caroline H.

    Dr Maia truly loves what she does. She is invested in making you the version of yourself you want to be. She listens attentively to what you want and makes relevant suggestions. She did not try to introduce anything unnecessary into my treatment plan. The results I achieved during my first treatment keeps me coming back. Her staff is excellent and works to accommodate your schedule. I have recommended Dr. Maia several times and each time I get the same positive feedback.

    Karen D.

    Selecting a surgeon: After having two children and weight fluctuations over the years I was left with complete loss of volume in my breasts. I had four consultations with other surgeons but after comparing their photos to Dr Maia’s and meeting her in person, I knew she was my doctor. We talked about my lifestyle - being a mom and a professional, I didn’t want to be too big, but I’m curvy so I didn’t want to go too small for my frame either. She let me try on sizes and once I selected she agreed it was a good fit for my frame. Post op recovery: I was a smoker and had quit prior to surgery but she was very honest and adamant in telling me how important it was that I did not smoke. (I honestly needed the lecture and the transparency about what could happen if I did start smoking before surgery and post-op.) Because I was formerly a pretty heavy smoker, it did cause some issues after surgery with wound closing and she was SO diligent and on top of it seeing me once and week and squeezing me in for appointments between surgeries and patients. She prescribed different things to address the would closure issues before they really became a problem. Being able to have text message access to the office was great when I had questions and she even accommodated my schedule when I couldn’t be seen in person to send progress photos so that she could check on me. 3 months post op: I’m so happy with the results of my surgery and am so glad I waited to find the right doctor. She’s an artist! They look natural, fit my body shape and they haven’t even fully “dropped and fluffed” yet. Would highly recommend… comparing her patient photos to other surgeons will end your search. I feel so much better in my body thanks to Dr Maia.

    Justine A.

    This is my second time at Dr. Maia’s office and I am so pleased with my experience here. The staff is so friendly and caring. Dr. Maia is the best Dr in the DMV area, she knows exactly what she is doing and you will be happy with the results! I am so glad I found her! I recommend anyone who’s looking for a very personable doctor to come and see her! Thank you Dr. Maia & staff!

    inhye k.

    I’m not sure where to begin when attempting to explain the positive experience I had with Dr. Maia and her team. It was important for me to find a woman doctor and she comes with so much experience, an eye for detail and aesthetically on point! I felt so well taken care of, even after 2 months post op they still make me feel taken care of. Not only am I thrilled about the physical results, I am also blown away by their care and follow through. I follow Dr.Maia in IG and literally obsessed with her work!


    Dr. Maia is truly amazing! She is an artist and somewhat of a magician! She takes the time to listen to you and walk you through the procedure every step of the way! I even texted after with questions and she and her team were very responsive! I was extremely impressed with the work she did around my eyes. Several people now tell me my 20 year old daughter looks just like me….I never heard that prior to the procedure!

    Taylor H.

    I had one of the most pleasant healthcare experiences I’ve ever had in my life! I came in for excessive underarm sweating and Dr. Maia recommended Botox. She carefully explained everything to me, which I really appreciated as it was my first time ever getting Botox treatment. Her medical assistants were very attentive to my additional questions and made me feel very comfortable while prepping for the treatment. Dr. Maia took her time with me, none of the 5-minute appointments you often get with doctors these days. Everyone was very welcoming and the office is bright and clean. Dr. Maia was referred to me by a family meme we and I’m so glad I went to see her. I absolutely recommend Dr. Maia to anyone and I plan to come back for additional future treatments.

    Cynthia S.

    I had a tummy tuck, lipo, and a prominent osteoma removed from my forehead. Although I was nervous about the procedures, Dr. Maia and her staff put my fears to rest. Even after the surgery, her professional staff called to check on me during my recovery, which helped put me mind at ease. Dr. Maia and her staff were always professional, responsive, and listened when I had concerns. After the procedures, I was back at work two weeks later and could not be happier with my results. I had a great experience and Dr. Maia will be my first call for any other procedures.

    Wanda G.

    Dr. Maia is great! She is very knowledgeable! I recommend her to anyone looking to do a cosmetic procedure, breast augmentation, facial lift, etc. Look her up on Instagram so you can see the amazing results from some of her patients!!!!

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