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The nose is prone to injuries when you are involved in vehicle accidents, falls, contact sports and other facial trauma incidents. The nasal bone can be fractured, and the cartilage can be damaged, causing a deviated septum, breathing problems or cosmetic issues. While some broken nose injuries can be treated with conservative medical care, more severe nose fractures can require nose surgery. Maia Plastic Surgery offers nasal fracture repair plastic surgery at our medical center in Tysons Corner, VA.

Broken noses are a common injury – the nose protrudes from the face and is vulnerable when there is a direct blow to the face. Athletes in sports like baseball, basketball, football and boxing can sustain a nasal fracture from a fall, ball or fist to the face. Kids can fall and break their nose, and facial fractures are prevalent in vehicle accidents. Most broken noses can be taped or splinted by a doctor to repair the damage, but some injuries can be severe, changing the form and function of the nose. Plastic surgery may be required to restore normal shape and breathing function.

Broken Nose Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Munique Maia has many years of experience as a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Her training and experience in cosmetic surgery and facial reconstruction are well-utilized in performing nasal fracture repair plastic surgery. Whether your nose is newly fractured, or you have a crooked nose from a previously broken nose, Dr. Maia can perform the needed repairs to straighten the nasal bone and cartilage. She can also perform septoplasty, or septum repair, if you experience breathing issues caused by your broken nose.

If you sustain a severe nasal fracture that has impacted the appearance or function of your nose, contact us at Maia Plastic Surgery. We can schedule an informative broken nose plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Maia at our clinic in the Washington, DC area.

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