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Have you considered cheek augmentation and looking for a skilled facial plastic surgeon in the Bethesda area? The cheeks provide the contours that enhance the midface and eyes. The fat pads of the cheeks and the underlying bone structure make a significant impact on facial appearance. Genetics, fat loss, aging and other factors can impact the shape and position of the cheeks. At Maia Plastic Surgery, Dr. Maia and our team offer cheek augmentation surgery, cheek lifts and cheek fillers at our clinic in Chevy Chase, MD, near Bethesda, MD.

The cheeks are important for framing the nose and eyes and contribute to the overall appearance of the face. Youthful, well-formed cheeks offer a soft contour for a feminine face. However, it is not just women who are impacted by the shape or position of their cheeks. Both men and women can notice a loss of fat in the cheeks as they age or drooping cheeks that can enhance bags under the eyes and create a flatter, older appearance to the face. Cheek augmentation surgery, cheek lifts, cheek implants and non-surgical cheek enhancement can create midface volume that improves the youthfulness and aesthetics of the face.

Cheek Lifts and Augmentation Options

There are a variety of facial cosmetic procedures that reshape the cheeks. Cheek augmentation surgery can include a cheek lift to elevate the fat pads into a higher position for a more youthful appearance. If the cheeks need more volume, fat transfers, implants or dermal fillers may be used to create the desired contours.

If your cheeks seem flat or sunken, cheek augmentation surgery or cosmetic treatments can create the contours you desire. To learn more about cheek lifts, cheek augmentation or cheek implant surgery in the Bethesda area, contact us at Maia Plastic Surgery. We can schedule a cheek enhancement consultation with Dr. Maia to discuss the various options available to reshape your cheeks and midface.

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