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If you are seeking a great plastic surgeon that offers male facelift surgery in the Bethesda area, turn to the male facial cosmetic surgery expert at Maia Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase, MD.
Looking young and energetic is desired by most men, especially as they become older. The sagging skin and tissue that come with age can create heavy jowls or a drooping jawline, making the male face look tired and aged. A male facelift can tighten and lift the lower face and neck, erasing several or more years from the face. Dr. Munique Maia at Maia Plastic Surgery offers male facelift surgery to rejuvenate the faces of her male patients in the Bethesda, MD, area.

More and more men are choosing to fight the aging process to retain a more youthful appearance. Over the last few decades, the number of men who have undergone cosmetic surgery has risen. Facelift surgery is the gold standard of anti-aging treatments, removing loose skin and tightening the facial tissues. Men who want to look more like they did ten or more years ago can refresh their facial appearance with male facelift surgery.

Natural Face Rejuvenation Surgery

Dr. Maia is a board-certified, fellowship-trained plastic surgeon who specializes in creating natural results for her patients. Our male patients want to look more energetic and youthful, but they also want the procedure to be discreet and appear natural. Dr. Maia uses advanced methods and techniques to elevate the skin and tissues without stretching or creating a “fake” appearance, but still retaining a masculine jawline.

Male facelift surgery requires a different approach than female facelifts. Men tend to have thicker skin and a more prominent jawline, both of which must be addressed when performing facelift surgery. If you want to maintain your unique appearance, but just look more like your younger self, you can trust Dr. Maia to create the rejuvenated look you desire.

You can slow the aging process and maintain a more youthful appearance. To learn more about male facelift surgery with natural results, contact us at Maia Plastic Surgery. Our team can schedule a private consultation with Dr. Maia to discuss facial rejuvenation options, including our male facelift, at our clinic near Bethesda, MD.

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