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If you are in need of torn earlobe repair in the Bethesda area, turn to the cosmetic ear surgery specialists at Maia Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase, MD. Earrings are a popular jewelry option for men and women, but they can come at a cost to your earlobes. The piercing in the earlobe and the attached jewelry can cause stretching and damage over time; dangling earrings are also at risk of being pulled through the earlobe. If an earlobe is damaged or torn, it can be repaired with ear plastic surgery. Dr. Munique Maia at Maia Plastic Surgery offers torn earlobe repair surgery at our medical clinic in the Bethesda, MD, area.

The earlobe is made from fatty tissue and skin that is easily torn or damaged. The most common cause of an earlobe injury is from earrings. Either an earring is ripped through the earlobe by force, or the ear piercing stretches until a slight tug on the earring can pull it through the bottom of the lobe. A torn earlobe is not attractive, and most people will want to have the lobe repaired. Earlobe plastic surgery can be performed with local anesthesia during an office visit, restoring the shape of the earlobe.

Do You Need Earlobe Plastic Surgery?

Heavy earrings, aging, trauma and other factors can contribute to a torn earlobe. The earlobe becomes vulnerable to stretching as you get older and heavy earrings can slowly enlarge the piercing until it is easy to rip the earlobe in half. If you need earlobe plastic surgery, Dr. Maia can perform the repair to restore the two pieces into one lobe. After the earlobe heals, you most likely can have the ear pierced again to wear your favorite jewelry.

Torn earlobes are a common occurrence, but they can be cosmetically repaired by a plastic surgeon. If you need torn earlobe repair surgery in the Bethesda area, contact us at Maia Plastic Surgery. Dr. Maia can restore your earlobe shape at our clinic in Chevy Chase, MD – call today to schedule your appointment.

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