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Rhinoplasty for Function and Beauty Tysons, VA
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Approximately 220,000 nose jobs are performed every year according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Although the numbers have been decreasing from previous years, rhinoplasty still has one of the highest rankings among the most common facial plastic surgery procedures. Individuals request rhinoplasty for many reasons, both cosmetic and to restore function to the nose.

A Complex Cosmetic Surgery

Because the nose is such a prominent feature of the face, it is important to study its form before surgery. All the small nuances of size and shape must be held under consideration when reshaping it to ensure the outcome will enhance the appearance. Along with those factors, the realities of internal structures also need to be considered.

The nasal passages are delicate. Care must be taken not to damage them during surgery. The small size of the nose can make this a challenging procedure. In addition to maintaining the function, the surgeon must also ensure that the end result will complement the other facial features.

Today’s standard of beauty for the nose is changing. It has become more inclusive of all types and sizes of noses, whereas for decades, only the small, thin or straight nose was considered the standard. Many individuals who had rhinoplasty to achieve that standard are requesting surgery again to restore the natural shape of their nose.

Functional Surgery

Rhinoplasty is required for some individuals who have problems breathing through their nose. A common problem is the deviated septum. This can be corrected with surgery. Injuries and defects in development are also situations where nose surgery is functional over cosmetic. In many instances, such rhinoplasty restores a natural appearance while correcting the functional problem.

Results Develop Slowly

You may be surprised to learn that the results of a nose job are not immediate as Hollywood makes it seem. Due to the tissues and structures involved, healing of the nose can take a few weeks. Some swelling may be noticeable after this time. Most people feel comfortable appearing in public after three or four weeks of healing.

Complete healing of a rhinoplasty can take up to several months. Patients are advised to wait a full year to allow for the final results to truly be visible.

Whether you are seeking rhinoplasty for better function or a better appearance, at Maia Plastic Surgery we offer excellent care. Contact us to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Maia to discuss your options.

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