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If you are seeking a great plastic surgeon offering vaginal rejuvenation in the Bethesda area, turn to the cosmetic body surgery expert at Maia Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase, MD.
For some women, the vaginal area is an area of concern when it comes to their sexual self-confidence. Changes to the vaginal area due to childbirth and aging can have an impact on the appearance. Some women may feel self-conscious of their vaginal area due to genetic issues that may affect function and aesthetics. At Maia Plastic Surgery, our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Munique Maia, specializes in vaginal rejuvenation surgery at our medical clinic near Bethesda, MD.

The vaginal area is like any other part of the body – it differs from woman to woman and can be impacted by life events and aging. The labia and clitoris can vary in size, shape and color due to genetics. In addition, vaginal changes are caused after childbirth and as the tissues and skin age. Women who are unhappy with the appearance or function of their labia or clitoris do have options to reshape and rejuvenate this very personal area through the help of cosmetic plastic surgery.

Vaginal Plastic Surgery

Feeling confident in your appearance is important in all aspects of your life, including your sex life. Plus, the vaginal area can impact your overall appearance when you wear certain clothing. Outer vaginal features can be noticeable when wearing stretchy yoga pants, shorts or a swimsuit. Vaginal plastic surgery can be an option to alter the labia or clitoris if a woman feels uncomfortable with the size or shape. At Maia Plastic Surgery, we offer:

If you want to explore vaginal rejuvenation surgery, contact us at Maia Plastic Surgery in the Bethesda, MD, area to schedule your appointment. We can schedule a private consultation with Dr. Maia to discuss the options available.

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