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Are you looking for an experienced plastic surgeon offering facial fat transfers in the Bethesda area? Many of the natural contours of the face are formed by fat under the skin. With age, the face can lose some of this subcutaneous fat that adds volume and fullness under the skin. The result can be sagging, lines and wrinkles, as well as a change to the facial shape and contours. One facial cosmetic option to restore volume to the face for a rejuvenating effect is facial fat transfers. Maia Plastic Surgery offers facial fat transfers as one of our cosmetic procedures at our clinic in Chevy Chase, MD, near Bethesda, MD.

There are many options to add volume under the facial skin with dermal fillers, but these treatments are temporary. Facial fat transfers offer a longer-lasting solution using the patient’s own fat stores to add more volume to the face. The fat can be harvested from another area of the body, as the abdomen, buttocks or other fatty areas can be used. The fat is sterilized and injected into the desired areas on the face to restore youthful volume.

Benefits of Facial Fat Injections

There are a few different areas where fat transfers are commonly used on the face. The upper cheeks are one of the areas that lose subcutaneous fat, causing hollows under the eyes and a sunken appearance to the face. A facial fat transfer can be used as a cheek enhancement to restore youthful contours to the face. The lips can also be enhanced with fat injections, creating plump, sexy lips that last.

Facial fat transfers are a safe and effective treatment to add lasting volume to the face to combat aging. If you are interested in learning more about facial fat injections, grafting or transfers, contact us at Maia Plastic Surgery in the Bethesda area. We can schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Maia to discuss our facial cosmetic treatments and surgeries for adding facial volume.

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