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Are you in need of Mohs surgery in the Bethesda area? Skin cancer impacts millions of people each year, and it is the most common type of cancer and usually very treatable if caught in the early stages. The most common skin cancer treatment is Mohs surgery, an effective option to remove the skin cancer cells before they can spread to other areas of the body. The only issue is that Mohs surgery can leave significant damage to the skin and tissue. Maia Plastic Surgery offers Mohs surgery reconstruction to reshape skin and facial features at our clinic in the Bethesda area.

Mohs surgery has been used for decades for skin cancer treatment. The method takes away cancerous lesions from the skin and underlying tissue, then removes thin layers of skin and tissue around the area, analyzing each layer for cancer cells. Layers are removed until no cancer cells are present. While this is considered one of the best skin cancer treatments, it can also leave a large wound. Since most skin cancer occurs in exposed areas like the face, head and neck, Mohs surgery can result in a cosmetic deformity.

Skin Cancer Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Maia at Maia Plastic Surgery can perform skin cancer plastic surgery to repair the damage caused by Mohs surgery. This can include facial reconstruction of the forehead, eyelid, nose, ear, cheek or lip, depending on where the skin cancer was located. Dr. Maia is a board certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience in facial reconstruction. She utilizes advanced methods, techniques and medical technology to create natural, beautiful results for her patients recovering from Mohs surgery and skin cancer.

Skin cancer patients deserve the opportunity to restore their appearance after Mohs surgery. Our team at Maia Plastic Surgery can perform skin cancer reconstruction plastic surgery to repair damage caused by Mohs surgery. To learn more, contact us at our clinic in Chevy Chase, MD near Bethesda, MD.

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