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Act Early for Non-Surgical EarWell® Baby Ear Deformity Correction Tysons, VA
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If your newborn has an ear deformity, you are not alone. Thousands of newborns have ear deformities, and many are correctable without surgery if they are treated soon after birth. It is common for cosmetic deformities to occur because of the way your baby was positioned in the uterus during pregnancy. The soft cartilage of the ear is easily bent, and if held in a certain position long enough, it will conform to the shape it is in. That is why it is important to correct the problem as soon as possible – EarWell® infant ear correction can reshape the cartilage while it is still pliable.

Who Can EarWell Help?

EarWell is designed to correct ear deformities, where the ear is misshapen but intact, meaning all the tissues and structures are present. This is different that an ear malformation, where parts of the ear may be missing. However, in the early days of life, it can be difficult to differentiate between a minor malformation and ear deformity. It is also difficult to determine if the ear structures are compromised, or if the ear deformities will correct on their own. Consulting with a specially trained EarWell physician as soon as possible following the baby’s birth can address these concerns, determine the best course of action and begin EarWell treatment to remodel the cosmetic deformity.

How Does EarWell Work?

When your baby’s ear is folded over, scrunched up or sticking out, EarWell can help. However, time is of the essence. EarWell is only designed for babies less than three weeks of age, although slightly older infants may see some success with treatment. If you have concerns about your baby’s ears, contacting an EarWell specialist as soon as possible is the right thing to do.

EarWell is revolutionary in treating cosmetic deformities. It is painless, non-surgical and extremely effective. EarWell is a simple device that is easy for the baby to wear with minimal disruption to you or your infant’s life. It fits over your baby’s ear, gently remodeling the cartilage into a normal ear shape. Treatment takes only a short period of time, requires no anesthetic and is completely safe. It is a much safer and less stressful solution than waiting for surgery when your child is older.

If you have any doubts about the shape of your baby’s ear, contact Maia Plastic Surgery immediately for an EarWell consultation.

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