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Do Glabellar Lines Worry You? Tysons, VA
Injections Into Forehead Area

The past couple of years have been chock full of things to worry about. However, you may appear more worried than you feel. Glabellar lines, also known as “elevens” or “worry lines,” appear between your eyebrows. They give your face a concerned or perturbed look, even when your face is at rest.

An Early Sign of Aging

These lines are often the first to appear on your face. Sometimes referred to as “11s” because they look like the number 11, glabellar lines can make you look older. If people often ask you what is bothering you because of the look on your face, you may want to see if these lines are the cause.

Glabellar lines can appear as early as your late twenties or early thirties. They can also be a sign of frequent headaches. Regardless of why you develop these lines, you do have the option to lessen their appearance with a simple treatment.

Filling in the Lines

Glabellar lines appear when there has been a loss of fat, the collagen breaks down and/or when the skin is loose. Collagen is one of the substances that keeps skin firm and plump. As you age, usually beginning by the end of the 20s or start of the 30s, collagen production slows. Tiny lines develop as collagen is lost.

Fillers can be used to help plump up the skin. Popular fillers are JUVÉDERM® or Restylane®. These injectables are used to correct moderate to severe lines and facial wrinkles. There are minimal side effects with fillers used to treat these lines.

Sometimes Botox® is used to diminish the look of glabellar lines. Botox essentially “freezes” the corrugator supercilia muscle, which when contracted causes glabella lines. Botox makes the lines less noticeable and there are few side effects with treatment.

The development of wrinkles can be disconcerting, especially if they occur sooner than expected. Contact Maia Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation appointment and find out the best options for minimizing your lines and wrinkles.

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