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The lips are essential for both aesthetics and function. Lips help create your unique smile and facilitate speech, but they are also delicate and prone to injury. Trauma in many forms can tear or damage lip tissue; disease or congenital defects can cause deformity. At Maia Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Munique Maia, offers lip reconstruction surgery to reshape or repair lip deformities at our clinic in Tysons Corner, VA.

The lips are complex structures of muscles, fatty tissue and skin that must be flexible to perform the required movements for speech and emotional expression. Burns, lacerations, skin/oral cancers and other trauma can impact the lips. When lip trauma occurs, muscles, tendons and tissue can be removed or damaged, requiring intricate reconstruction surgery. Not only can this require complex grafting procedures to replace or repair muscles, tendons, fatty tissue and skin for function, but the aesthetics of the lip also need to be considered. Dr. Maia is an experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon who can perform lip reconstruction surgery to restore both function and form.

Lip Trauma Repair

A lip deformity caused by trauma can have a significant impact on your life. It can be difficult to eat or speak, and the appearance of your mouth can hurt your self-confidence. Lip trauma repair surgery can reconstruct the tissue and skin of the lips to allow improved function. Dr. Maia can also create natural, balanced lips that enhance your appearance and confidence.

Lip reconstruction surgery is a very complicated procedure that requires extensive skill and experience – not all plastic surgeons offer this specialized service. If you or a loved one have experienced lip trauma that damaged tissue and impacted function, contact us at Maia Plastic Surgery. We can schedule a lip trauma repair consultation with Dr. Maia to discuss your plastic surgery options at our clinic near Washington, DC.

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