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The nose is a central and important facial feature, both in function and appearance. When disease or trauma damages the nose, it can cause both breathing and cosmetic issues. Dr. Munique Maia is a well-respected, board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who offers nasal reconstruction surgery. Maia Plastic Surgery is your source in the Washington, DC, metro area if you need nose plastic surgery.

The nose is a common feature to be injured due to disease or trauma. Skin cancer and other skin diseases can form on the nose. Treatment of the disease can result in deformities to the skin and tissue on the nose. In addition, the prominence of the nose makes it a common feature to be injured in accidents, sports and violent trauma. When the nose is damaged, it requires specialized training and expertise to reconstruct the nasal passages for functional breathing and restore the aesthetics of this important facial feature.

Nose Trauma Repair Plastic Surgery

Dr. Maia has years of experience as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, understanding the biological mechanisms and the art of cosmetic surgery. For nose trauma repair, it is vital to protect the nasal structure to allow function, as well as nose reconstruction for aesthetic purposes. Dr. Maia combines both to restore the nasal passages for breathing and the desired appearance of the nose. Cartilage and skin grafts can be used to recreate a beautiful, functional nose that looks and functions like the patient’s natural nose.

If you have suffered an injury or trauma to your nose in an accident or from a medical procedure, contact our team at Maia Plastic Surgery. Dr. Maia can perform nasal reconstruction surgery to restore the form and function of the nose. To learn more about this procedure, contact our office in Tysons Corner, VA.

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