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Are you looking for a skilled plastic surgeon offering abdominoplasty (tummy tuck plastic surgery) in the Bethesda area? The abdomen is one of the most common body areas that change as you get older. Weight gain and pregnancy, combined with genetics and lifestyle, can all impact the tone and appearance of your stomach. Both men and women can struggle to reshape and flatten their abdomen. Tummy tuck plastic surgery is a group of procedures that can remove excess skin, fat and tissue from the midsection and tighten the abdomen muscles and skin. Our team at Maia Plastic Surgery offers a variety of tummy tuck options for patients at our clinic in Chevy Chase near Bethesda, MD.

Dr. Munique Maia is a highly respected plastic surgeon who has built her excellent reputation on providing natural-looking, flattering results for her patients. Fellowship trained and board certified, Dr. Maia has the experience and expertise you want when considering any type of plastic surgery. If your abdomen is flabby and sagging due to loose skin, excess fat and stretched muscles, Dr. Maia can help you find the right tummy tuck plastic surgery to reshape, flatten and tighten your midsection.

Reshape and Tighten Your Midsection

The skin and muscles of the abdomen can stretch during pregnancy or when anyone gains excessive weight. In some cases, the skin and muscles refuse to contract back to their previous state when excess weight is lost. Whether you have birthed children or lost a significant amount of weight, you may need plastic surgery to reshape and tighten your midsection. Some of the procedures we offer at Maia Plastic Surgery include:

You can have a flatter, tighter abdomen again after weight loss or post-pregnancy. To learn more about our tummy tuck plastic surgery options, contact our practice to schedule a consultation with Dr. Maia at our clinic in the Bethesda, MD, area .

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