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If you are looking for a belt lipectomy specialist in the Bethesda area, turn to the cosmetic body surgery expert at Maia Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase, MD. Losing an excessive amount of weight can improve your health and your appearance. It is a wonderful achievement, but there is often a leftover reminder of the weight you lost. Stretched skin does not always rebound after weight loss, especially around the abdomen where many people gain the most weight. To remove excess skin and tissue while tightening the midsection, plastic surgery may be required. Maia Plastic Surgery offers a belt lipectomy to reshape the abdomen, back and waist at our clinic in the Bethesda, MD, area.

What Is a Truncal Body Lift or Belt Lipectomy?

Weight gain, especially excessive weight gain, does not only stretch the skin on the tummy. While a tummy tuck can remove excess skin and tighten the abdomen, it does not address the sides of the trunk and the lower back where love handles and rolls of fat occur. A truncal body lift, or lipectomy, is an extended tummy tuck that encompasses the belt line around the midsection. The incision stretches from the lower back around the abdomen and around the other side.

During this procedure, Dr. Maia removes excess skin and tissue left over after weight loss from the lower back, sides and abdomen. This is an extensive procedure that can remove drooping, sagging skin and tissue that can hang from the midsection. Tummy tuck techniques are used to tighten the abdomen skin and muscles. An additional benefit of a lipectomy is that the backside of the patient can also be tightened and lifted for a shapelier buttock area.

A truncal body lift can help improve your shape and comfort if you have excess skin and tissue left behind on your midsection after weight loss. To learn more about the belt lipectomy procedure and whether it is right for you, contact us at Maia Plastic Surgery in Chevy Chase near Bethesda, MD, to schedule a consultation.

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